New Year Booty! Type A-2 Jacket

Type A-2 1941
David D. Doniger, the founder of McGregor, continued to trade under the David D. Doniger name, and was responsible for the pattern making and manufacture of the Type A-2 leather jacket, one of the most iconic airforce garments of World War II.


Anti-Freeze Ad (1952)

“Light as a snowflake, yet warm as a volcano…Just wash it and wear it!” “Exciting things are happening in Dupont Nylon. It makes Anti-Freeze the world’s warmest jacket for its weight”. You gotta love the copy writing back in the day!

James Dean and McGregor

James Dean’s Red Jacket is a McGregor Anti Freeze 1955

James Dean wore the red Mcgregor Anti-Freeze in Rebel Without a Cause. As one of the first technicolour movies, and with its portrait of teen culture, so relevant at the time, audiences were able to drink in James Dean’s bright red jacket, bright white shirt and deep indigo denims (Lee 101 Riders). These three everyday items of clothing worn together by Dean became the most iconic combination in movie history, and literally changed the way teenagers perceived what was cool. For the first time, dressing down was suddenly more favourable than dressingup. Now, we don’t have one of these, so if you see one, please let us know!